NFL Report: Jets Not Sold on Mark Sanchez

According to Mike Florio of, the Jets are not yet sold on the idea that Sanchez can be their long term answer at quarterback.

A league source tells PFT that the Jets are beginning to realize that Sanchez may not be the answer at the position.  That said, the Jets will not publicly acknowledge even the possibility that Sanchez is falling out of favor.

That is some scary news for a team that has had such big expectations coming into this season. But after watching Sunday’s offensive debacle against the Giants that will likely cost them a playoff berth, even the Jets’ decision makers can no longer ignore the lack of progress Sanchez has made.

Yes, his stats have improved in terms of turnovers and touchdowns, but the bottom line is, Sanchez is not the kind of guy that can elevate the play of everyone around him. When the Jets had success in 2009 and 2010, making it to the AFC title game, Mark was in a role that was more complimentary as opposed to being a focal point of the offense. With a major decline in offensive line play, especially at right tackle, asking Sanchez to take on more of a burden this year was a colossal mistake.

There is plenty of blame to go around. Blame Wayne Hunter for being a terrible replacement for Damien Woody at right tackle. Blame Santonio Holmes for not being the same reciever he was a year or two ago. Blame D’Brickashaw Ferguson for not playing up to his standards, or offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer for his suspect play calling and route concepts. Blame Rex Ryan for loosening the knob on Sanchez’s responsiblities and GM Mike Tannenbuam for the personnel mistakes.

There are a lot of angles to take on this situation, but the Jets need to decide if Sanchez is their guy sooner rather than later. They have enough talent as any team in the league; its the lapses in judgement that have rendered this season lost for New York. Ryan and Tannenbuam need to stop overrating their roster and make a fair evaluation on the most important position.

Bottom line is, Sanchez is not the kind of player that can carry a team like a Brady or Brees. He needs to be in a great situation to be effective. AFter all, he has proven that he can win under the right circumstances.

Its now up to the Jets to decide whether they think it is possible to win a Super Bowl with Sanchez always in his complimentary role, or if the Jets should go and get another guy that can win on his own.

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